Fun and original dog toys

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Only you and your best friend know how it feels to give him new dog toys.

Isn’t it something you both love? 💕

Your dog will be delighted with his shape, smelling a different scent and listening to the new sound produced by that toy with which he will entertain himself.

We always want our dog to be healthy and have a good time. In fact we offer you the best following tips to have a happy and healthy dog.

In addition to the most practical accessories for your dog for the day, having toys is essential for him (and for you too). It will be fun!

But are the toys we give him original enough?

InMy New Best Friend want you to go beyond the typical ball or frisbee.

That’s why today we will teach you how to look for innovative and fun dog toys. Join! 😉

Why give toys to your dog?

We all need a distraction and a moment to free ourselves from everyday stress and believe it or not, your pet too.

All the toys you can offer, especially if they are the most original, the first thing they will do is remove the boredom from your pet.

Something that is not little, but it is not the only effect that a product of this type can have on its development.

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Pet toys are very important for pets. As we already know, dogs are very special beings, who seem to feel everything that is happening around them and absorb it in their mood.

A good distraction will make your dog also mentally stimulated, to achieve a reduction in the anxiety he may feel.

Another of its functions is alsoto stimulate your pet on a physical level. Any type of toy will make it move more than necessary and develop certain skills, when you throw them and he tries to pick them up. Or encourage the development of their strength, both muscular and that of their teeth by biting them.

With all these benefits it is more than justified that your dog has some toys with which to have fun. Don’t you think?

Now, if what you are wondering ishow many toys you should have, with about three, that are varied, it will be enough.

It is also recommended to break the routine, and of course if you have the opportunity, get different dog toys every week. Don’t get bored!

dog games - Fun and original dog toys

Original toys for your dog

As we said before, varying the type of toys your dog will use will make him never get bored.

That is why what you have to keep in mind is that you can look for certain products that are not conventional, to give a different type of distraction to your pet.

Luckily today you can find very original toys in pet stores, both physical and online.

Want clues? Here are some ideas that will even help you make your own toys:

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Interactive toys

We will not always have tobuy balls and dolls to throw them at our dogs.

That’s cool, but there are more options!

Surely your dog already has one or several toys of this type, and surely he has them very seen.

If you want to look for something more original, with interactive toys you will be opening up a completely new world of sensations to your dog… And this will help you develop healthily.

Dogs already have a keen instinct. With this type of games, in which there can be squares and objects of different shapes that he can take out, you can stimulate his intelligence and further sharpen his senses.

Thanks to these toys your pet can be among the smartest dogs in the place.

👀Look, what an idea:

You can hide food treats between the corners of the toy, and when your dog manages to extract it he will feel happy.

Already want your own interactive toy?

This type of games can be found in all specialized pet stores. It will be easy for you!

Puppy toys

Fun Dog Toys - Fun and Original Dog Toys

Is your dog in the first months of life? Surely it is tender and adorable puppy with which you enjoy every moment … And we bet you feel even more tenderness every time you see him playing.

Finding the right toys for small dogs is also something you should take certain precautions for.

First of all, these should be large enough to avoid choking problems.

Something else you should keep in mind is that they are soft, since dogs have a constant tendency to bite, but they have not yet fully developed their teeth.

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In the case of the little ones, softballs are a type of fun out of series, as well as many other stuffed animals of different colors and with noise.

Offer them! You see, they will be part of your daily delight. And yours watching him enjoy.

Hens for dogs

Have you ever seen chickens making noise?

They have an internal air gap that will make when your dog bites it, it sounds very, very loud.

This is something you will love and stimulate. You’ll see!

The bigger the model, the more noise it will make and some dogs love that. So much so, that he will never get tired of biting it and carrying it in his mouth.

In short:

Your dog needs to have fun and for this you have to choose the toys that best suit his style.

Choose dog toys that are as stimulating and original as possible.

And you’ll be right!

You will see how you enjoy or rather enjoy, with all these ideas and many others that you can think of tracking the internet.

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