How to get two dogs to live together

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If having a dog is a wonderful experience, imagine multiplying it with the love of two furry ones. 

However, we can doubt whether or not to expand our family for fear of a bad coexistence. If you are thinking of adopting another dog , it is important to do things in order and with a lot of patience.

Next, we will tell you how to do it in the safest way to be able to enjoy a harmonious, rewarding and calm coexistence between dogs.

Let’s increase the herd! 🐩🐕

What to take into account in the coexistence between dogs

Coexistence in harmony between two dogs is a wonderful experience for the whole family, but if some key aspects are not paid attention to, it can become hell. 

The character of both dogs

First of all, stop to think about the character of both dogs , especially if there was already one at home and we are looking for a new member of the family. 

Certain relationships can be very complicated, for example if both dogs are very dominant, display aggressive behavior frequently, or have had traumatic experiences with other dogs. 

A frequently asked question is whether two male dogs can live together . In this sense, it is not a matter of sex, but the ideal is that both dogs complement each other and have common goals. 

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The space available in the home

It is also important to consider how much space we have in the home for a good coexistence between dogs. There will be times when the furry ones want to share time together, and others when they seek to be alone. 

This can be frustrating if they don’t have the opportunity to do so, which will create a stressful situation and, therefore, a problem in living with your dogs.

Accessories and complements for each one

Finally, we must have accessories and accessories for both dogs , at least at first. This refers to having two feeders, two waterers, two beds, toys, etc. 

We should not pretend that they share their things as soon as they meet, this is a process that they must work little by little and it is they who must decide when their partner can access their “property”. 

two dogs at home - How to make two dogs live together

How to introduce two dogs that are going to live together

The presentation between both dogs is the most important step, which can determine the success or not of the future coexistence. 

👇 These are the guidelines that we recommend you follow:

  • The first contact must be made in a neutral place. A very common mistake is to make the presentation inside the house, or in the territory of one of the two. The ideal is to do it on the street, in a park or in some area that neither of the two dogs usually frequents. We will let them interact and get to know each other without our intervention, their body language will tell us if everything is going well.
  • Take a walk together. Once we have made the presentation, we can go for a walk. It should be a quiet walk, where they can smell, without tension and letting them interact with each other. Walking around the link and they can become great battle companions.
  • Prepare the house: It is very important that before introducing both dogs, we prepare the home. As we mentioned before, we must have two beds available, two feeders and a toy for each one . Let’s not forget this step, because if your furry friend feels like a threat when the other catches his ball, it can unleash a very tense situation. 
  • Enter home. When we have managed to get the dogs to know each other in a neutral place, we see that they get along well and feel calm next to each other, we can take the next step. When entering the house, where the future coexistence will be, we must leave them to their own devices but we will always be alert. 
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New measures to adopt at home

Two dogs are two wonderful beings, but with different needs. One can demand more affection than the other, or be more active in front of the other sleepyhead, or both be two time bombs. 

Although the rules of the house should be the same for everyone, it is important to attend to the needs of each one individually.

At the beginning of the coexistence between dogs, things must be made easy, and for this we will avoid competition. We will feed them in separate rooms and this way there will be no dispute. Little by little, when the hierarchical order is established, they will be able to share the space at that moment.

However, even if we follow the steps to the letter, things may not turn out as expected. 

Aggressiveness between dogs that live together, and even more so if they have just met, is a fact that can occur. Of course, before a fight we will have to intervene, but how? 

  • First of all, calm down . If we panic, the dogs will become more nervous and the outcome will be worse. For this, it is important that we always appear calm and relaxed.
  • We must be vigilant in case a problem arises that requires our intervention, but the less our interaction, the better the results. 
two dogs together - How to make two dogs live together

These are some tips that can facilitate coexistence between dogs that have just met. If you still have problems with your furry friends, we recommend you go to a professional to study your case in depth. 

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Surely with a little patience and help, your two best friends will be able to adapt sooner than you imagine. 

If you already enjoy the company of two or more dogs, do you want to tell us about your experience? How was the beginning of coexistence? 

We read you! 🙃

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