Names for beautiful and original dogs

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Oddly enough, a task that seems as simple as choosing a name for your pet, can become a real headache.

That’s why today, we give your name ideasto inspire you! 😉

If you are hesitating among a thousand options and do not know which one to stay for, give this post a good review to make the best decision.

In this article, you will not find a simple list of names for dogs, but we give you a series of guidelines and small ideas to make you feel 100% safe when choosing.

How should the name be

There are different factors that can help you decide on a name.

Which? We are talking about both personality and physical characteristics of your pet.

This can be very varied, because the number of types of dog that exist in the world is simply incredible. Which makes sometimes finding the ideal namea bit difficult.

Those of us who really love dogs and adopt one, want to have a super original name, which differentiates it from other dogs and that, in addition, sounds beautiful. A friendly and even funny name, depending on the characteristics of your pet.

The reality is that no matter what name you imagine, you may not be able to make it 100% original and have been used before for another dog.

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But what does it matter? The really important thing is that your best friend does great. 🐶

Of course! If you choose a name, think that you are going to keep that one for life. Then it will be very difficult to change it.

Thefirst name you give your dog should be the final one. He will recognize him as his and if he gives you to change the way he calls him constantly, he will not understand anything and will disobey you.

Therefore, it is bestto look for a name that you love, that attracts attention and that is simple … One of those names for dogs to be used always.

Do you have it on the tip of your tongue? Let’s review together some aspects to take into account before making the final decision.

No complex or long names

If the name you give your dog is too complex or has a difficult pronunciation that only you understand, the dog himself may have a hard time identifying with him.

So, always choose between dog names that areeasy to pronounce.

On the other hand, long names are also harder for your four-legged friend to understand.

The best thing you can do is look fortwo- or three-syllable names, at most.

Look at the dog’s attributes

This is one of the ways in which you can findthe ideal name for your dog.

Although you can do it in reverse and with a touch of “irony”.

For example, if your dog is alarge or giant breedit may have a “tougher” name than if it is a small Chihuahua, such as Thor. But giving it a much more “cute” name like Xiqui is also another option.

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The personality it has, will also help you find the perfect name. LikeLightningfor a nervous dog, orMorpheusfor a very sleepy dog.

Always the same pronunciation

This is fundamental, especially in thelearning stage.

If we always call him the same way, with the same tone, he will know how to recognize when he is called…

And this is something really important in the first days of living with your newly adopted dog.

It is of great help whether you are making a mistake or if you want to reward you for something you do well.

Name ideas

Original dog names - Pretty and original dog names

Dog Friendly Names

Is your dog a heaven? In that case, you’ll want the name to beas friendly as he is.

To do this, look for names with certain vowels, such as i, e and a, so that the name sounds much nicer and softer.

For example: Micky, Rocky, Cuqui, etc.

Premium Names

If your dog is delicate in appearance or pedigree, you can think of “premium” types of names, related to royalty.

In that case, you can use different names for male dogs that at some point have carried different ancient kings of the world. What do you thinkof FrancisorArthur?

Strong names

If, on the other hand, your dog is a bit brutish and breaks almost everything he catches, you could think of names that suggest it… That go with your personality:

Brutus or Katrina (like the hurricane) may look great.

Names Relax

Is your dog verycalm? You can think of names that have to do with music and Rastafarian wisdom, that give you to think about that state of perpetual relaxation.

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Names for dogs likeMarley or Ziggy, but also Snoopor Snoopy, could be the best choice.

Mythological names

It is also quite commonto choose names for dogs from mythology.

Achilles, Hercules, Valkyrieare just some beautiful naming possibilities for your pet.

Japanese names

If you are a lover oforiental philosophy and culture, names with Japanese characteristics also represent you (you and your dog).

Especially for those races that come from those places, such as the Shiba Inu orthe Akita.

Want fresh ideas? You can useAkira, Goku, Sayuri, Hiroki, Sakuraor any other of these characters, which continue to cause real furor.

In short…

The best name for your dog will be the one that inspires you when you see him…

If you go to a shelter or shelter in search of yournew best friend, you can live a doggie love at first sight. 💕

When your ideal dog appears on the scene, you will know that it is him and in addition, the prote staff will also help you depending on your lifestyle and what you are looking for.

Its physical characteristics and above all, the way in which it behaves, will attract you and help you put the perfect name.

Then you will only have to give him all the care so that he is ahappy and healthy dog, that infects you with his joy.

Enjoy X! 😉

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