Should I let my dog on the sofa: for or against?

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Our dog, we love him. An entire family member, he lights up our daily lives when he celebrates us in the evening after a long work day. But should we grant him full powers? This question is complex. If it is evident that the dog, like all domestic animals, needs limits so as not to think that he is the head of the family, it is also necessary to spoil and pamper him. But should he be allowed to climb on the sofa?

The dog and the sofa: a great love story

In a house or an apartment, the dog needs to have its own space, with its basket, water bowl, and one dedicated to meals. Despite everything, the puppy often tries to get on the bed or on the sofa to enjoy a moment of relaxation alongside his mistress or master. Thus, without wanting it, the dog can also damage the couch. For example, he can leave hairs there, relieve himself if he is young and has not yet learned how to clean himself, scratch himself, or even embed foul odors there. The dog can also soil the sofa if he comes from outside and in the rainy weather. So how?

The dog and the sofa: a great love story

Be consistent

By showing patience and pedagogy, it is possible to prohibit the dog’s access to the sofa completely. It may take a while, but he will eventually realize that this is a no-go zone for him. According to dressage specialists, the most important thing is to be consistent. If, for example, you take your dog with you to the sofa to watch television and the next day you forbid him to go up there for one reason or another, your faithful companion will not understand.

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First scenario: the dog has the right to climb on the sofa

A good solution may be to reserve a place for your dog on the sofa. You can then lay out a blanket to protect the covering and let your dog climb on it whenever he wants. If you have a large living room, you can also allow your dog to climb on a specific sofa. A lovely, cheap fabric sofa can be a very comfortable place for you and your dog. In this way, you can enjoy the comfort of your couch while cuddling your dog, who, for his part, will also be delighted.

Second scenario: the dog is forbidden to climb on the sofa

If, on the other hand, you do not want to let your dog climb on the couch at all, you can arrange a comfortable basket for him very close to you in the living room. In this way, your faithful companion can be with you without getting on the sofa, and he too can enjoy a comfortable place to sleep.

Several solutions are possible to prevent the dog from climbing on the sofa in your absence. If it is a puppy, placing it in a park, with all the comforts, may be interesting to prevent it from accessing forbidden places when it is alone. Gradually, the dog will understand that the couch, bed, and other areas are forbidden to him, and over time the playpen will become useless. It is also possible to block access to the sofa with chairs or to make the place unpleasant by covering it, for example, with sheets of newspaper.

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The opinion of canine behaviorists

Experts in canine behavior agree that there is nothing wrong with letting the dog climb on the sofa as long as it does not show dominant attitudes towards its masters. In other words, dog training can include privileges like the couch but should also gently emphasize the dog’s need to stay in his place. Regarding hygiene issues, there is no need to fear if the dog is regularly washed or groomed and is followed by a veterinarian who will be able to ensure good health.

So, let the dog get on the sofa, for or against? The decision is up to you, knowing there is no wrong choice, as long as the dog’s education is coherent and everyone benefits from it.

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